Hi welcome to Forex-knowl8dge About Page my name is Paul

A few years ago now i started the site knowl8dge.com with a goal of finding and reviewing money making systems …..

I wanted to find out if you can actually make money on-line and i found out that it is possible for anyone.

NOW….. ┬áDon’t get me wrong….. The internet has more scams money systems than ever before but their are good systems ….

My first site now has 4 figure followers on Facebook and twitter soi think i did a good job…..

Amazingly though it wasn’t till a few months back that i discovered Forex trading and due to impressive results from some systems i decided that this category deserves its own knowledge site.

so here it is …i hope to continue my formula of honest reviewing on this massive genre…….to find out what earns and expose the scams

i hope you like the site


thanks for reading