Broker Review: AVA Trade Forex Trading Brokerage

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AVA Trade is regulated by the Bank of Ireland, Australian Regulators and Japanese Regulators and trade across the globe having a monthly trading turnover well in excess of 50 Billion US Dollars.

AVA Trade is a UK Friendly Forex Trader.

They presently require a min $100 deposit to open a live account and currently have eight trading platforms one of which is mobile.

They also have a reputation of providing reliable and stable service to their over 20,000 reported clients.

AVA Trade offer four levels of trading accounts and provide new clients with a training account and a balance of 100,000 virtual dollars! They offer web based access to their platforms which allows instant trading while negating the need to download and install bulky files.

AVA Trade does not charge commission on forex trading. They do make money on your spread positions; fixed and floating. They provide customer support 24/5 in a range of contact methods and languages.

AVA Trade are not currently offering a deposit bonus on the minimum $100 required to open an account. It certainly helps a new trader when transitioning from demo to live trading. The deposit bonus is only triggered when $250 upwards is the initial deposit.

AVA Trade are one of the few brokers who offer clients the ability to place a stop order in combination with a limiting order on their automated trading. This pair of ‘One to Cancel the Other’ orders is known as an OCO order. In this mobile fast moving automated world it is a very effective automatic brake! I cannot recommend this feature highly enough!!

Good: A lot of training resource to support the virtual $100,00 balance in your demo account. Eight reliable and versatile web based trading platforms supported by 24/5 multi-lingual customer service. No commission is charged on forex trading. Your Trades can be supported by an OCO ability on an automated trading platform. This allows the trader to effectively set the brakes to take effect should a sliding situation occur.

Bad: Currently no matching bonus on the minimum initial deposit of $100 which helps the switch from demo to live status. Minimum deposit has to be $250 to get $125 sign up bonus. The sign up bonus can rise to $5,000 depending on the size of the initial deposit. There are terms and conditions which affect repayments based on profitable bonus trading.

Verdict: A good safe choice for beginners with plenty of support and much higher levels of trading provided for experienced traders.

If you are interested in trading with AVA Trade you can sign up here

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