Review: Broker Arbitrage ..A Great Idea! But A Useless Product

Broker Arbitrage

Broker Arbitrage was Launched exactly 1 month ago and I got my copy that same day…..

The idea of placing competing Forex trades that end in profit regardless of outcome sounded fantastic.

But unfortunately this fantastic sales pitch is just……. fantastic Sales Pitch,  This software appears to be completely different to what it claims or at the very least does not perform.

So What Does Broker Arbitrage It Do ?

The product claims to analysis the price feeds of different brokerages before trading simultaneously on both. Just like the method of Sports betting arbitrage, if the correct conditions are found it is possible to place two trades which will cover and profit from all eventual outcomes.

I did not think this method was actually possible to achieve within the bounds of Forex trading but it appears that it actually is.

This is due to differing prices on “market-making” Forex Broke-ridges. This Method is actually normally called “scalping” or at least others describe it as that.

So What Going Wrong ?

Well The first problem worth mentioning is that this product only install’s on two brokers and as anyone that has tried sports arbitrage will tell you, That is massively limiting you ability to detect the perfect market conditions needed.

The result of this is, The software doesn’t do any trading for days at a time ….. Not always a bad thing with trading software ….However if your profit potential per trade is between 1 to 8% like traditional arbitrage then it would take a very long time to make back the sales price with a reasonably sized investment.

The second glaring problem is the software does not trade simultaneously. So your trades are not actually covering all outcomes.

This means its not actually arbitrage …There is risk involved !

I am sure you will agree this completely defeats the whole purpose of buying any arbitrage product…

So Does It Work Well As Standard Trading Software ?

Well No not really….. it has produced mostly losing trades for the month I have tested it and considering the price being nearly $500.  I was really forced in to seeking a refund.

Another problem to note is in comparison to the other Forex trading reviews and products I have tested the Installation process was a complete nightmare.

The software comes with difficult instructions and involves you downloading the global trade platform. It also recommend you to install it on a virtual private server ….This of course will add extra cost.

So is this a scam ? 

I am not sure i would label this a scam….. I get the feeling it just doesn’t do what the designer Mike Reid wants it too. I get this feeling because the support team is excellent ….it is unusual that this is the case when a product is designed to take your money. Also the software can be run on a demo account which says a lot too.

To be honest….. perhaps I may not full understand the scalping process and looking at the software’s performance in terms of sports betting arbitrage is completely wrong ……But I can quite easily see if it is making money …..And It was Not..!

So Is Broker Arbitrage Worth Buying ?

At this point in time I would definitely say NO…Perhaps in the future the designer will fix what ever is going wrong and this software will produce those magical risk free trades ….But for now it is difficult to install and use…..Add that to the price, Investment needed and the fact I Didn’t make any money.

All in Makes this a product I can not recommend…

Broker Arbitrage

Broker Arbitrage

Price ($497.00)


    Time to Use (medium) *


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment ($500+)


          Profit (None)



            • - Good Support
            • - Not Limited on Where to Trade but Does Not work on all brokerages


            • - * Time Consuming and Hard to Install
            • - Not Limited on Where to Trade but Does Not work on all brokerages