Review: Crisis Killer Forex Robot.. A Great Way to Lose Money

Crissis killer

Of All the trading software and systems you will see around the web this does have one of the slickest of all sales pitches.

Complete with  Gothic “sin city” like graphics, broker letters with signed proof of 100,000 euro withdrawal. it is very easy to be convinced on the earning potential.

And at just $40 Crisis Killer is also a great price…..almost free

But after just a few months of testing it became glaringly obvious that they spent their budget on graphic designers and slick promotion …..and left the actual trading algorithms and programming to last…

The trading began with some modest profits an then seemed to hold steady for a few weeks ….which left me quite pleased but ………when then market turned it just wiped out the account ……

Like most people …. my first thought was “must be my settings” as with other software these really do matter………. so i then spent the next week scanning through the net trying to find what works for others…….

(as i said i am not a Forex guru but the net can be full of great advice if you know where to look)

But they don’t seem to make to much difference to its performance. Again trading began with some modest gains before wiping out the account in a 12 hours period…even with minimum losses on trades set

My losses where only £600 so “you could say”  that i did not follow the advice of Thomas during set-up.

He advices you to start crisis killer trading with $10,000 dollars

And this is exactly what the support team advised also when i contacted them

but let get one thing straight …….

They claim the software will double “Any Amount” on the sales page ………so if it wipes out £300 which is about $500 depositing more in is not a great idea

I am left with the SAME feeling i had after testing those “roulette robots” and “binary software”

Given that the software is so cheap  (almost free)  Then the only way the developer will profit big money is by working with the trading broker (Fx-Choice)And Taking a cut from your losses….

I believe this to be the worst product I have found in all my Forex trading reviews !!!

So i will Finnish with some insight on the software’s trading pattern/strategy

Which I believe to be the most damning evidence in this review

Good profits are made…. and then trading becomes reckless opening lots of trades and usd/cad grid trading which is not a good idea….

Why else would crisis killer do this ?

I would say 100% this is software actually designed to lose money

sorry to break the bubble here but i just calling it how i see it

Thanks for reading

Crisis Killer

Crisis Killer

Price ($39.96)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Poor)


        Investment ($10,000.)


          Profit (None)



            • - Cheap
            • - Quick to Set Up


            • - Does Not Make Money!
            • - Poor Support
            • - Crushes all hopes and dreams