Review: Fapturbo 2.0 does This Double Money …No it Doesn’t


UPDATE: I had not used this software for months ….But at the start of last month the developers released… new updated  setting for its use….After running it again for a few days it has produced  losses ……

I have also never seen any profit from the bitcoin trading feature but the developers are also posting positive results from its use around the webs

I can there for no longer recommend this product …

I have had Fapturbo 2.0  for 4 months now and you may have already read my earlier review on its performance on my other site….

Now don’t get me wrong i did recommend it in that review as i had used it for 2 months

And i am not changing my tune completely…… but i do have a new fact to reveal that most reviews you will read wont mention

Firstly of all i want to clear something up ….this software is promoted with the promise that it can double any amount of money in a month… and that is simply not true.

Although it has been producing profits  …only once did the robot doubling my stake… the sales pitch is over hyped

I have also now fully tested the bit coin trading ……with terrible results

So the back story …….

The original Fapturbo was released in 1999 and this version was 5 years in the making so these guys should know what they are doing by now i would hope…

And in my first month of use my profits were $528 with a starting stake of $250 so a great start

but the software has not reached those highs again unfortunately….

My second month drew $428 my third was the poorest at 280 something and this month seems to be doing only slightly better  than previous…so far

You may wonder what i am complaining about

And for sole use as a low deposit/starting stake Forex Trading i still see its has great value….. BUT….. and i think you knew their was a but coming…..

unfortunately the bit coin trading is useless

When i say useless …..i mean it….

In the testing i did it either didn’t trade at all …(even when the market changed by $60) and when it did trade it was for a loss….so i think useless sums it up

I did make it clear in the first review that I had not used and tested the bit coin feature ……but i do hope no one has lost out from this ……

I actually find it quite strange as well …..i mean  i think it would surely be easier to program bit-coin trading than FOREX ……..But what do i know ? i am not a programmer

The Software trades in 6 currency pairs …..and This actually more that some of the other software i have been reviewing ….

Because of this I was also not completely sure that so many trades were a going to be a good thing …. so I did adjust this in the setting….. yes OK I am still Paranoid About trading software ….

I say i did (in actual fact) because this was my first ever Forex product …….and on the day i bought it…I  knew fuck all……

I actually  got a company called E.A Setup to install it and do all this for me, This did cost me £35 …..but Considering all the questions i pestered them with and they answered i don’t mind admitting that.

I will also add that i have never had high amounts of money in my trading account when i used this ….i don’t think this would make any difference but i will tell you anyway….

The software can trade with two brokers FX- Choice  and Tallinex

I have only used it with tallinex  as i was testing the useless Crisis Killer on fx-choice

If you are looking for Forex then Fapturbo 2.0 is a good staring place and an good earner …


Fapturbo 2.0

Fapturbo 2.0

Price ($149.00)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Poor)


        Investment ($500.00)


          Profit (None)



            • - Good Price
            • - Low Investment
            • - Quick to Set Up


            • - Faulty Bitcoin Trading
            • - Limited Choice Of Brokerages