Review: Forex MegaDroid the Real Facts you Want to Know


Forex Megadroid is as old as the internet it seems ….so forgive me for being so late to the table

But don’t get me wrong i think this software or E.A (Expert Adviser) still has real value…….and is definitely still well supported  by the developers…

I think this is the best e.a i have found from all my Forex trading reviews

It has also had many an update over the years and it was this constant fine-tuning to improve efficiency that brought it to my attention. Well that an the impressive trading accounts records that are scattered round the web..

The software come with a useful guide  for the new users and the promise it can be set up and running in 5 minutes. it also uses  RCTPA (Correlated Time and Price Analysis)  

I have no idea what that actually means…… but the developers do rave about …

I joke of course from the literature it appears to be an algorithm that looks at the current market conditions and compares them to times in the past that the market looked similar…

Well This all sound lovely but does it actually make money….

Yes it does …profits in the first 6 weeks have been close to $350 which probably does not sound that world beating ……but it has only place 14 trades in that time …

It appears this software does not trade like the wind and I  much prefer this ….. Of these 14 trades 11 were winners ….and I learned quite a bit from ALL of them…..

This may not be for every one ..but it makes me feel miles better …. this software really does appear to have strategy in mind ….. In fact Unlike fapturbo 2.0 and the devil “crisis killer” it actually only trades with one currency pair  EUR/USD  and this also appeals to me ……

I have said before and its blatantly obvious that i am no Forex expert but instead learning every day..

However seeing the other robots opening lots of trades ….even after a  few months ….still does induce panic in me.

Laugh all you like ….but those who have read reviews on my other site will know I just want quality and I hate Mistakes ….

So software that waits for the right trading conditions is right up my street… So my settings Because I’m now know quite a bit more about E.A’S i resisted the use of E.A Setup and did a bit of research instead.

I been using 0.01 Risk level Gmtoffset=2.0 and AutoGmtoffset=False and every thing else as they advice in the book and members area.

The support will happily help you out too….

This Software May be slower that its rivals and does not match up in trading volume….but it must be said that this should only help you feel more secure as it is more precise.  waiting for perfect conditions is the best approach for all types of trading….

I will say right now i prefer this trading style, and most other thing about this product.

It is also very reasonably priced at $67

Forex Droid

Forex MegaDroid

Forex MegaDroid

Price ($67.00)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment ($300.00)


          Profit (Good)



            • - Great Price
            • - Low Investment
            • - Quick to Set Up
            • - Good Choice of Brokerage
            • - Update Often


            • - One Currency Pair
            • - Time Between Trades Can Be long