Review: Forex Trendy..Can This Really Improve Trading ?

Forex Trendy   Best Trend Scanner

In this Review i am going to be looking at Forex Trendy. Forex trendy is a software program that looks for trends in the Forex markets and also teaches a trading system to use to profit from this analysis.

I have to say Right of the bat that i am massively impressed with this software not only for its statistical data but also for its massive versatility in use ….The software teaches a successfully trading system already in use by 1000’s of happy users but it could also be just a easily used to spot and alert you to the trends and signals of any system you use

So What Does It Do

The software marks and track the movements of 34 Currency Pairs as well as Gold, Silver and Oil Prices. It can be set to update on the movement of these in real time or in 9 other specific time frames which is perfect for any type of trading  …..

But what makes this software really special is it enables you to track an be alerted to the any data or movement that you wish…

You can set forex trendy up in a few minutes to alert you to any Trends you wish as well as draw-downs set with your unique percentages, Fluctuations and any number of patterns.  Alerts can also be received audibly and on screen while logged in to the software and by text and email also …It can Also Show you a complete history of recent patterns and movements

Lets look Some Examples 

The main types of patterns it can be set to find are flags, falling wedges and Triangles  …..each type of pattern forms in away that shows you if it is either a buy signal or a sell signal and it can also be set to look for trend lines  ….below are some screen of an days pattern  history and a example of a buy triangle and a sell triangle pattern

Patern HistoryTriangle Signal 1Triangle Signal 2


The software tracks and then alerts you once a pattern type starts to form  ……then all you need to do is simply place a trade accordingly to what you are being alerted to… or sell

I am honesty amazed at how effective this is…..

I have said from day one i am no Forex expert  but i truly am amazed with how simple and profitable this is…..the software is basic finding all the signals to trade with ……spend the afternoon following a few currency pairs and by the end of the day you will be glad you read this …. i made just close to £100 in my first full day trading

So the Details 

60 Day money back guarantee like anything with real value

It is also very easy to understand and use ..I learned to use it almost completely after watching the short video…There is a E book of about 30 pages describing a few methods of trading but this could be adapted to look for any signals you like .

It can be used to track every currency pair and a few commodity….But you are not restricted to where you want to trade. so no moving brokers….

The software is all run from their servers ….There is nothing to download or upload to your meta trader….

You can receive the alerts in a message and audible alert while logged in to the members area or by email or SMS message ..

(the system designers do not send SMS messages but instead they recommend an service called which converts you emails to text ….this has a extra cost but there are free providers  available if you look around your self )

And most phones will receive instant emails now any way

The Product Costs $37 + plus tax for 3 months of use that’s about £22 which i believe is very cheap for what you GET

That works out at 3$ a week …..this really is massively cheap

You Can See My Members Area Video Tour Below

forex trendy banner


Forex Trendy

$ per Quarter37.00
Forex Trendy

Price ($37.00)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment ($300+)


          Profit (Good)



            • - Easy to Use
            • - Can Trade Any Where
            • - Trade With Investment level You Are Happy With
            • - All Currency Pairs


            • - Trades must be placed fast
            • - Extra cost for texts (SMS)