Review: The Binary Key Free Binary Option Trading System

Key Binary

The Binary Key is a free binary options trading system..

It is always nice to get something for free, Plus the message that the creator of this system gives……… wishing you to donate your profits to children’s charity’s is heart warming and very convincing ….

But unfortunately there are more sinister motives behind this offer…

This system claims to make profits from the trading of binary options but I seriously doubt this

First Of all Why is it Free….. Any method  that can produce consistent gains in any trading market would, and does command a high fee…So ask your self why is it free ?

The real reason is because the systems creator is in partnership with the trading broker….

Trading brokerages struggle to attract enough traders and will offer anyone commission for the new “sign-ups” they can create…In most cases they pay out commission from new traders losses…

With this method site owners can make profits from a trading system with out selling you anything…

The Second reason for my serious doubts is binary options are actually very difficult to trade with the consistency need to profit long term….

Through out the years I have tried to traded options with many methods, However  I could never say that it is easy to win the majority of trades …..or if this is even possible ?

Suspicious Brokerages

Its also sad to say that many binary brokers are in fact scams….this is not true of all but it has become a worrying trend..

To avoid international laws I have seen many brokerages registered in exotic country’s. Brokers that use this practise have often been guilty of withholding deposits and manipulating the options price fluctuation for the sole reason of making trades lose…

So before you use consider this

It should also be considered that even in gifting this system to you its creator will incur high costs.

its Quite possible that you stumbled across the binary key in a pop up advert as i did …..these have a high cost …as does web hosting, Professional webdesign and slick video’s which are all present too…

So if you were designing a trading system to give away for free….that would cost you money to do, But you knew that you could make that money back and more by giving traders bad advice

What would you do ?

Once you know that the creator can profit from your losses ….It is quite easy to see what is really happening..

The binary key is a scam…..

If you are set on starting out binary options trading my advice would be to invest in the best training you can find……

Unfortunately i don’t have a recommendation for you as i don’t even know if that exists in binary options

So if your still keen its best to do a lot of research ….

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